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This Side of Resurrection

Joaquim Sapinho

Drama / 118min / 2011





Inês finds out her brother came back from Australia. She wants to be a surfer like him so she runs away from home. Rafael surfs at Guincho like he wants to die. Surfing no longer matters to him, only the sky, as if he searched for it underwater.

Inês realizes that, despite what her mother said, her brother was in a convent, and that he is returning.

She has no one to stay with her at Guincho. Returning home to her mother and back to school, she feels lost. She can't live like she used to anymore. At the convent, Rafael can't find the peace he was looking for and he's still at this side of Resurrection. Their mother doesn't know, but she is truly the one who has reached the limit. Perhaps are the limits what holds a family together?

Cast and Crew

DIRECTOR Joaquim Sapinho SCRIPT Mónica Santana Baptista, Rui Alexandre Santos, Luís Araújo, Joaquim Sapinho CAST Pedro Sousa, Joana Banta, Sofia Grillo, Pedro Carmo, Luís Castro, Mariana Antonio, Guilherme Garcia IMAGE Leonardo Simões EDITOR Rui Santos CONTINUITY Mónica Santana Baptista FIRST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Hugo Martins ASSISTANT DIRECTORS Rui Alexandre Santos, Pedro Fernandes Duarte, Tiago Nunes, Mónica Santana Baptista WARDROBE AND ART DIRECTOR Patricia Ameixial MAKE UP Eduardo Costa IMAGE ASSISTANTS Hugo Azevedo, Rui Pereira DIRECT SOUND Mário Dias, Mafalda Vassalo, Pedro Heitor, Henry Nesbitt SOUND EDITING Nuno Carvalho, Mário Dias, Hugo Santos, Luis Zhang, Frederico Pego GRADING Tiago Alves, Ignácio Ribera, Rodrigo Pereira POST-PRODUCTION COORDINATOR Fabiana Gomes PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS  Erica Antunes, David Cardoso PRODUCTION CHIEF Diogo Guerreiro PRODUCTION DIRECTOR Sandra Figueiredo UNDERWATER CAMERA Nuno Cardoso SOUND Mário Dias, Nuno Carvalho ADDITIONAL EDITING Rodrigo Pereira EDITING ASSISTANT Pedro Fernandes Duarte SURF CONSULTANTS Joana Andrade, Vitoria Teles Grito HAIRDRESSER Fátima Vieira STUNTS Mónica Moth PRODUCTION SECRETARIAT Filipa Guerreiro, Marco Gorgulho PRODUCTION DEVELOPMENT Amândio Coroado FINANCIAL ADMINISTRATION José Coutinho, Nuno Beijoca, Sandra Carmo GRAPHIC DESIGNER Pedro Fernandes Duarte GRAPHIC AND MEDIA DESIGNER Paulinho da Graça POST-PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR Sérgio Aragão SPECIAL EFFECTS Rodrigo Pereira PRODUCTION Maria João Sigalho