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Shadow of Cain

Paco Lúcio

Drama / 91min / 1999





Patrícia, wife of Daniel Gil – Cohen, lives in a dwelling luxury in a big city with Dame Ester, her mother-in-law and owner of a steel foundry. Esteban, older brother of Daniel, an important politic of the Interior Ministry also lives with them.


When blackmail made by drug dealers reveals the turbulent and dark past of Patrícia, the fragile balance of the Family is called into question. Esteban decides to reveal his old love for his sister-in-law.


At the same time, the foundry threats to go bankrupt and Dame Ester asks for help to her third son, Santana. Will he be able to save the situation…?

Cast and Crew

CAST Eusebio Poncela, Laia Marull, Jorge de Juan, Juan Erasmo Mochi, Alberto San Juan, Isabel de Castro DIRECTOR Paco Lucio SCRIPT Paco Lucio, Nicólas Melini FIRST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Javier Petit SECOND ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Carlos Gras Guião Ana Kemp DIRECTING HELPERS Iñigo Echávarri, Jorge Romero EXECUTIVE PRODUCER AND PRODUCTION DIRECTOR Luis Collar PRODUCTION CHIEF Paca Peñarroya PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS Yolanda Guerrero, David García, Tete Ballesta, Raquel Nicas, Begoña Casado, Julio Fernández PRODUCTION HELPERS José Haro, Silvia Gómez, Unai Virto PRODUCTION LISBON Pedro Camacho PRODUCTION SECRETARY LISBON Rita di Francesco PRODUCTION ASSISTANT LISBON Carlos Paiva ACCOUNTANCY LISBON Ricardo Bruno IMAGE AND CAMERA Magi Torruella CAMERA ASSISTANTS Goyo Sánchez, Juan Masides CAMERA HELPERS Meritxell Sánchez CAMERA MERIT Cristina Ecija FIXED CAMERA Alberto Carrasco ART DIRECTOR Juana Mula CONTINUITY Rocío García Peña PROPS Sergio Galán Moreno ART ASSISTANT Raquel Corredera ART ASSISTNAT Begoña Lozano, Mariví Ochoa, Mónica Peñaroya Espíldora WARDROBE Gema Martín, Jessica Palazzo MAKE UP AND HAIR Elsa Ruiz MAKE UP ASSISNTAT Pedro Cedeño SOUND CHIEF Víctor Puertas MICROPHONES Miguel Carretero “Carre, Jorge Adrados, Marcos Salso Música Daniel Sánchez de la Hera EDITOR Cristina Otero ASSISTANT EDITOR Araceli Muñoz-Rojas SOUND DIRECTOR Roberto C. Berrío POST-PRODUCTION LISBON Rui Braz POST-PRODUCTION ASSISTANT LISBON Miguel Matías MIX Carlos Garrido SPECIAL EFFECTS  Guillermo Bermúdez